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Implementing Voice-Enabled Ads in 2020

What Are Voice-Enabled Ads? Voice ads have begun to usher in a new dimension of advertising that more thoroughly integrates consumers in the marketing experience. Traditional ads have merely passed information along to customers in what marketers hope is an engaging way. A voice ad takes the concept of information exchange further to request verbal responses from the consumers. For marketing teams, the most attractive feature of voice advertising is the imme...

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Podcast with Brad Adgate

Brade Adgate is a smart and engaging personality in the world of media. He's spent a career and earned a national reputation working on both the agency and vendor side of the media business. CNN, FOX, Forbes, and others consider him to be an authority for his opinions and prognostications on topics such as media measurement, strategy, and research. But it was for his keen knowledge of politics and political media that we recorded a podcast. With 2020 ahead...

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Adopting a Value-First Advertising Strategy

Advertising has come a long way from Madison Avenue’s much-celebrated heyday. Advertising has undergone massive disruption in the last twenty years, more so than most industries. Even so, many website banner ads, pop-ups, and Instagram ads that the Mad Men of yore never dreamed of still follow somewhat traditional, straightforward formulas. Traditional advertising uses campaigns to create impressions for brand awareness, recall of a product, message, or promo...

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Our Predictions for Mobile Advertising in 2020

As mobile technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous, the best place for brands to connect with consumers is literally in the palms of their hands. Advertising on mobile platforms will undoubtedly continue to grow by leaps and bounds through 2020 and beyond.  Investment in mobile advertising hasn’t just gone through the proverbial roof in recent years; it’s shattered it. WARC reports that mobile ad spend reached $137.9 billion worldwide in 2018. The inc...

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Where your TV ad audience went and how to get them back

According to Nielsen, prime-time ratings for all cable networks declined by 27% since 2016. We know why. Linear TV has taken a back seat to the new consumption of content on a variety of devices and set top boxes. It’s been difficult to track viewership and, therefore, to feed commercials to this audience. You can’t just buy more GRPs because with ratings down, there just isn’t enough supply to match the growing demand. And even if you can get the points you...

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Technology Brings New Life To The Out Of Home Industry

Out-of-home advertising is the world's oldest form of advertising, and until recently hasn't become nearly as easy to implement well as other ad forms. This traditionally manual medium has required knowing the owner of the sign, working out an agreement, printing the ad, and having it installed. If you need to change your creative, you'll have to redesign, reprint, and reinstall. But the conversion of more and more out-of-home advertising from static boards ...

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Protecting Yourself From Mounting Ad Fraud in OTT

Connected TV is quickly becoming more mainstream, and in this year’s fourth quarter, some big players will be launching offerings that will get people questioning their cost of cable TV. As the tide of money flows to OTT/Connected TV, a growing amount of ad fraud is hitting that space. Unfortunately, the perception is that because OTT is not cookie-based it is immune to fraud. Not true. It’s been reported that a network of internet-connected devices running...

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Media Buying in 2020: A Look Ahead at The Evolution and Trends

Simply put, if you are currently wondering how “digital” might change your media buying, you’re probably already behind the curve.  Data and personalization have fundamentally and irreversibly changed the media buying landscape. The saying that “there’s no longer any such thing as ‘digital marketing’, only ‘marketing’” may be well-worn, but it has considerable truth. The media buying strategies that will lead the way in 2020 and beyond won’t take a part...

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