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Let’s maximize the best of our agencies with a Partnership Pool

Benefits to You and Your Clients

The Partnership Pool enables your agency to gain the power of a network without being part of a mega-agency.

In the dynamic world of independent brand agencies, one reality is constant: Clients demand maximum results and maximum value. While agencies today endure tight margins, growing digital needs, talent wars, and competition from titanic holding companies, what matters most is an agency’s ability to delight clients within a reasonable budget.

Partnership pool

Extraordinary results require more than ordinary strategies, and we are confident the Partnership Pool will deliver. When clients win, so do we. Together.

Evergreen is approaching a select group of independent agencies to participate in the Partnership Pool. We hope you will be one of them. Click here to get started today!

For agencies seeking bold ideas to overcome these challenges and deliver extraordinary results, Evergreen proposes the Partnership Pool – sharing resources in new ways to:


Increase Revenue

Tap into Evergreen’s long-standing client relationships (96% client retention and 5+ yearsaverage tenure) to build your book.

Participate in Agency of Record RFPs. When Evergreen clients ask us to consult on RFPs, our partners have opportunities to be in the mix.

Share strategic insights. For Evergreen clients seeking input on brand and marketing strategy, we know our partners can add value.


Decrease Costs

Maximize new resources to minimize spending.

Access media at below-market rates. Evergreen is a global leader in media trading, investing early in media to secure low rates for our partners and their clients.

Create overhead flexibility without increasing FTEs. Extend your media buying team. Evergreen has the expertise and bandwidth to help – at no additional cost.


Expand Opportunities

Delight clients with new ideas for growth.

When your clients have non-working assets (e.g. inventory, real estate, equipment), they can use it to pay for media – while you gain exposure with other decision makers in the organization.

Evergreen’s media partners frequently give us bonus media, and you could tap into them to surprise your clients.

Let's Join Together

Evergreen is approaching a select group of independent agencies to participate in the Partnership Pool.

We hope you will be one of them. Complete the form below to get started today!

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Since brands are part art and part science, we’ll excel if we form an alliance – Sharing resources, so: We can keep our costs low, yielding better results for our clients.