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Podcast with Tim Pulido

With the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference coming up next month in Las Vegas, we wanted to produce a podcast with a restaurant industry expert. The first name to come to mind was long-time industry expert Tim Pulido. Tim began his career in brand marketing, moving up quickly to general management and concept leadership in the restaurant space. He spent 20 years at PepsiCo, then McDonalds, and several other notable chains. Tim presently is the...

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How CMOs Can Partner with CFOs

Traditionally, the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Financial Officer have been the frenemies of the C-Suite. They’re on the same team, but their departmental culture, viewpoints, processes, tools, and KPIs are often wildly different. The time has come, however, to bury the hatchet and join forces. As Brand Quarterly points out, “In today’s increasingly digital economy, a strong partnership between finance and marketing can spell the difference between a...

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Five lessons learned from Gene McCarthy's 40 years at the helm of business

I had the pleasure recently of sitting down with Gene McCarthy and asking him to share some insights he’s gathered over the past 40 years from being part of and leading some of the most iconic brands of the footwear and outdoor industries. Gene is extraordinarily passionate about how brands interact and communicate with the world, so his learned insight should be of interest to anyone aspiring to grow a brand in today’s diverse and hyper-connected world. Her...

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Digital Innovation Opportunities for the C-Suite

Embracing digital innovations is no longer an option for the C-Suite. Digital disruption is a fact of life. Period. Full stop. Material disruption is no longer limited to entertainment or transportation; the fact is, digital innovations will disrupt every industry. The decision that you as a C-level executive have to make is, will you be doing the disrupting, or waiting for another company to come along and disrupt you.  Awareness and willingness to act are ...

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Maximizing the Influence & Power of the Corporate Brand

Whether in B2B or B2C markets, good economic times or bad, large businesses or small, brand matters. It’s far more than just a design aesthetic; it is a core part of a business’s value. You know this, of course (though you might be surprised by just how much brand matters – it’s estimated that brand represents around 30% of S&P 500 companies’ market value). The question instead is – given that importance – how can you make the most of your brand in the m...

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Building a Corporate Culture That Gets Results

Returns to shareholders 60% higher than the median. Responsible for up to half the difference in operating profit between organizations. A 20% increase in scores from employees rating their employer.  Viewed by 82% of CEOs and HR leaders as a potential competitive advantage. If we told you there was an employee, consultant, or piece of tech that could have this sort of impact, what lengths would you go to get them? How much time and money would you commit...

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