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Why Companies Should Strive to Create a ‘Learning-Centric’ Culture

By Talonya Geary, Manager, Training & Development (Read the original article on Advertising Week HERE) Organizations are being challenged to manage a slew of workplace complexities they wouldn’t have imagined a few years ago, testing their strength and agility to evolve with the times. From onboarding first-time employees remotely, to navigating the diverse needs of up to five generations, companies have no choice but to think holistically about how...

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The ROI on Corporate Real Estate

The real estate market is in flux. From brick-and-mortar retail falling out of favor, to the future of offices up in the air, many companies have had a hard time pinpointing smart commitments in physical spaces. Whether a company is in the restaurant game, the retail business or any other space occupier, many are locked into physical spaces that are no longer serving them efficiently. These financial commitments in real estate can be daunting when they’re not...

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With an Eye on the Future, How A Smart Media Investment Can Solve Your Business’s Supply Chain Problem

The volatility of the supply chain has wreaked havoc on most retailers over the past few months. The issue facing many businesses is that there is a greater volume of goods than the supply chain pipeline can adequately handle. The existing infrastructure does not have enough ships, containers, trains, trucks, or even dockworkers to process all the incoming goods. As a result, companies are being forced to pay significant premiums for the limited space that...

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From Optimizer to Innovator: How Trust Empowers Smart Risk

Risk. The word immediately conjures conflicting emotions and responses for most people. It can stress you out, or it can get your blood pumping. It can put you on edge knowing you are venturing into the unknown, with equal possibility of great reward or potential disaster down the road.   Many people think of themselves as risk-takers until it comes time to take the “leap of faith.” There is a reason people often say, “There is no reward without risk....

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Embracing the Change that a Changed World Demands

It comes as no shock to anyone that many aspects of the country’s economy have changed rapidly and dramatically over the last year as the world adjusted to a COVID-altered landscape. That is equally true within the communications world, as major advertisers adapted to consumers taking a digital-first, virtual approach to shopping, creative and media agencies struggle to become nimbler and more responsive, and any publisher or content provider that is not Face...

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Why reimagining your corporate real estate strategy makes sense, especially now.

Defining trends and forces.  If there’s a positive personal trend that's emerged in recent months, it’s enhanced worker flexibility with the ability for more employees to work remotely.  Global Workplace Analytics estimates that nearly 80% of the workforce wants to continue to work from home, at least partially, when Covid-19 dissipates and roughly 30% of employees will be working via a hybrid work model by the end of 2021. Technology companies like Facebo...

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A CMO's Vision. A CFO's Dream.

Although it’s been written many times before it’s probably more true now than ever that successful organizations must adjust to an ever-evolving world. You can no longer rely on careful planning alone to enable your success. The annual budgets and strategic plans that once governed the business are temporarily suspended. You are venturing into a murky and unknown next few years. And the unknown will continue into the foreseeable future. Society has changed an...

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Social Media Marketing for Hospitality Companies: Your Competitive Edge

The hospitality industry is inherently social. It’s all about people and interactions. The most beautifully appointed hotel in the world can be a terrible experience if the customer service is bad. People travel with or to see their loved ones. They travel for networking. They share their trips on social media.  So, it’s no surprise that social media marketing is especially important for hospitality companies. The problem is figuring out how to sta...

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How to Optimize Your Marketing Supply Chain

In an economic environment rife with uncertainty, globalized competition, and disruption lurking at every turn, it’s no longer enough to simply keep your business under control and hope that your suppliers will do the same. The demand for excellent and expeditious customer service, value, and competitive pricing is higher than ever, and the health of any organization with customers relies on their ability to meet that demand. This cannot be done by internal b...

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