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Protecting Yourself From Mounting Ad Fraud in OTT

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Connected TV is quickly becoming more mainstream, and in this year’s fourth quarter, some big players will be launching offerings that will get people questioning their cost of cable TV.

As the tide of money flows to OTT/Connected TV, a growing amount of ad fraud is hitting that space. Unfortunately, the perception is that because OTT is not cookie-based it is immune to fraud. Not true.

It’s been reported that a network of internet-connected devices running bots is now attacking connected TV(CTV) Over the Top (OTT) platforms. Those attacks have resulted in a 40% spike late last year in fraudulent impression traffic. This year’s fraudulent activity will prove to be much greater.

DoubleVerify, a measurement-analytics firm that authenticates the quality and effectiveness of digital media is leading the charge to provide a solution to combat OTT fraud. They are the first verification company to receive ABC’s anti-ad fraud product certification and have devised a means to not just report on ad fraud but to actually stop the fraudulent view before it can be counted and allow the real ad to be served in its place.

Of the OTT attacks, 63% of impressions were made to look as if they were coming from smart TVs, and 37% from gaming consoles. DoubleVerify says this marks the first direct botnet attack for CTV-OTT platforms.

As companies are jumping on the OTT bandwagon, they would do well to enter the OTT space carefully and be aware of the propensity for fraud and the need to combat its costly effects.

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