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Our investment approach makes Evergreen the holder of unrestricted media futures, which we pair with the specific media needs of our clients.

Gordon Zellner, Founder & CEO

Assets today, capital tomorrow.

Trade enables what we do. We convert assets into capital, which then becomes the engine for our media investment model. Whether you’re looking to improve overall ROI (and who isn’t?), get incremental efficiency from your marketing budgets or find a way to fund innovation, the answer just may be in your assets.

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We take the risk. You reap the rewards.

As a media investment agency, we invest our own capital in media up front, ahead of demand. By taking on this risk, we are able to secure significantly better value, which we then share with our clients.

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We seek partners, not transactions. Together, we can align our investment strategies with your marketing strategies, allowing us to deliver improved ROI over time.

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We’ve helped some of the world’s top brands get more value out of their media buys and we can do the same for you. Ready to work with us? Still unsure? We’d love to hear from you.

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