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The optimized media model.

As an integral part of the marketing team, Evergreen’s expertise lies in media value strategy, not media channel strategy. We partner with our clients and their media agencies to extract maximum value while ensuring the same quality media.

Marketing Strategies

Our client defines the marketing strategy and goals.

Media Channel Strategies

Their media agency develops the media plan to achieve those goals.

Media Value Strategies

Evergreen applies the value gained through media investing to the plan, providing greater ROI.

How Evergreen Trading Works with Agencies of Record

We deliver value today by looking to the future.

Traditionally, companies buy media through a broker (usually their agency of record). But at Evergreen, media vendors invite us to invest in their current and future inventory. By investing ahead of market demand, we take on risk, but it also means we can form deep relationships with media vendors and extract more value. They benefit, we benefit, and we’re then able to share those benefits with our clients.


Buy media ahead of market demand

Buy media ahead of market demand

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Buy media at time of demand

Buy media at time of demand

Time of purchase

Media Brokers

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Some of our clients

Hood - logo
Eyemart Express - logo
Sally Beauty
CKE Restaurants
Benjamin Moore
The J.M. Smucker Company
Campbell Snacks
Constellation Brands

Our partnership with Evergreen has enabled us to maintain our high media standards while delivering greater efficiency, in a seamlessly integrated manner.

Jennifer Masie, Sr. Director Marketing Strategy and Operations, Sally Beauty

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