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Business best practices by Jonathan Watson

Although it’s been written many times before it’s probably more true now than ever that successful organizations must adjust to an ever-evolving world. You can no longer rely on careful planning alone to enable your success. The annual budgets and strategic plans that once governed the business are temporarily suspended. You are venturing into a murky and unknown next few years. And the unknown will continue into the foreseeable future. Society has changed and so have our priorities and expectations. With most of the United States economy on pause, business will probably not return to normal for a long time. Many businesses have reduced capacity and closed doors and are gasping for air. Consumers are spending less on discretionary purchases. The “new normal,” a phase first coined during the financial crisis a decade ago, has now come into fashion again. “Business as usual” seems like a distant obsolete memory of yesteryear. 

You need to come up with a better way to manage your organization through the uncertainty of the post-pandemic future. To ensure success, you need to use every strategic tool at your disposal. Collaborating with vendors and partners to seek creative, new ways to fund investments while conserving cash has become the new standard.  

 The road ahead.

As a CFO, you are facing multiple challenges in these unprecedented times. One critical challenge is how to drive short-term revenue and profits and maintain liquidity and cash flow. You might be experiencing production slowdowns, a drop in demand, and difficulty delivering goods and services to customers. Customers might be slow to pay, so there are delays in invoice payments. You must think ahead and review existing credit and debt facilities to ensure that cash is available to run the business. You need to get creative and plan for an uncertain economic future. 

 As a marketing leader, you have shifted your focus, investing in socially appropriate brand campaigns in this uncertain climate. You are shelving potentially impactful marketing programs that are off message and not a high priority. You are cancelling trade show commitments and other customer events involving travel. You look for ways to leverage your infrastructure to help people and drive business, as the focus moves to health, home economy, and home entertainment. Your budgets are being slashed and you’ve likely made media commitments that are no longer needed right now. 

Whether you’re a financial or marketing leader, you need an equitable solution that mobilizes the entire organization.

 Principal-based media investment.

Whether you are a CFO or a CMO, you are navigating uncharted waters and need every strategic tool at your disposal, one that can be scaled across your company and might just be the lifeline you require to address several of your current business challenges. 

At Evergreen Trading, our principal-based media investing approach opens a world of cash generating possibilities for companies during these incredibly challenging times. And it is an effective strategic tool to flatten out the inevitable ebbs and flows of your business during more economically stable times. 

 We collaborate with our clients on a wide variety of scenarios. Whether it’s an incremental sales program to purchase gift cards at full value, a divestment of existing unwanted media and sponsorship commitments, or simply buying non-performing assets like real estate leases,  airplanes, perishables,etc.. Evergreen Trading creatively and proactively advises clients on how to best leverage principal-based media investments to fund various business initiatives.

 Our solutions are creative, flexible and most importantly, non-partisan!



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