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Why reimagining your corporate real estate strategy makes sense, especially now.

Business best practices by Jonathan Sorkenn

Defining trends and forces. 

If there’s a positive personal trend that’s emerged in recent months, it’s enhanced worker flexibility with the ability for more employees to work remotely.  Global Workplace Analytics estimates that nearly 80% of the workforce wants to continue to work from home, at least partially, when Covid-19 dissipates and roughly 30% of employees will be working via a hybrid work model by the end of 2021. Technology companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft were among the first to officially jump on board. Banking institutions, insurance companies, and others soon followed and now offer similar options. In a challenging economic environment, CEOs see the potential cost savings as pricey commercial real estate buildings will no longer be needed. 

For those companies planning on workers returning to the office, coronavirus will change how offices are configured. That could mean a reversal of the open office and a move towards an environment that is more private with fewer areas to congregate. This means that office space requirements might look very different from last year and need to be completely redesigned.

Another trend is a change in how consumers shop. Grocery store sales and online sales are up. Many retailers are struggling as they were before the pandemic and closing stores. Other retailers are looking to restructure and amp up their competitive position by getting out of burdensome real estate commitments.

Feeling the weight of real estate.

Whether you’re a retail company with space in shopping centers and malls or a company with office space in metropolitan and suburban areas, many organizations look to relieve their financial burdens by reducing their real estate holdings. You might be looking to sell owned properties, exit unwanted leases, or reconfigure your office environment. Regardless of your scenario, real estate can be one of the largest costs for an organization.

As a financial or operations executive, you know that disposing of long term and other unwanted real estate obligations can be difficult, time consuming, and costly. And timing is everything. You need to reduce costs and generate cash now. There is also a risk that you might not get the full asking price, a buyer falls through, or the property transfer process takes longer than anticipated. Your time is also valuable. Your organization might have a pressing need to prepare for returning staff or invest in additional infrastructure to support remote work. 

Unlock greater value for your organization.

Evergreen Trading can help you discover new ways to fund business initiatives in cash-strapped times. We can help you dispose of owned or leased real estate at full asking price or original cost. We can also help you dispose of unwanted furniture, fixtures, or other office equipment. We understand the best times to invest, based on trends and the best value for the dollar. 

At Evergreen Trading, we regularly help our clients with every type of real estate transaction, including challenged properties. When you work with Evergreen Trading, we help you get the highest sales price and simplify the process, removing your burden. We take over all property cost and ownership risks and offer you a date-driven financial commitment with an accelerated transaction timeline. This helps you limit your unrecoverable losses and recoup your investment for complete peace of mind.

Evergreen Trading helps clients throughout the United States in the retail, beauty, hospitality, consumer products, financial services, technology and restaurant industries. Our relationships are based on open, candid conversations and mutual trust. We place a high value on our expertise and our independent, objective structure. 

To learn more about how Evergreen Trading can help free you from the burden of unwanted real estate holdings or obligations, contact Jonathan Sorkenn @ jsorkenn@evergreentrading.com or 212-652-0678.

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