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With an Eye on the Future, How A Smart Media Investment Can Solve Your Business’s Supply Chain Problem

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The volatility of the supply chain has wreaked havoc on most retailers over the past few months.

The issue facing many businesses is that there is a greater volume of goods than the supply chain pipeline can adequately handle. The existing infrastructure does not have enough ships, containers, trains, trucks, or even dockworkers to process all the incoming goods. As a result, companies are being forced to pay significant premiums for the limited space that is available; hire private carriers to ensure that inventory, gets to their stores in time. This is especially true for the enormous number of seasonal products. In either case, the cost implications and impact on the bottom line are significant.

The biggest trend is that there is no trend right now. The notion of “set it and forget it” sounds good but in these unusual times does not work.

While many executives may have been caught off-guard at the onset, they now understand they need a long-term strategic plan that mitigates the volatility brought on by the supply chain or any other unexpected “event”. A tool that will help reduce their risks in the coming year and beyond.

Media Trade is a proven business solution that helps minimize marketplace volatility in a cost-efficient, flexible, and unique way. Media Trade is the specialty of Evergreen Trading, which has built a reputation for delivering forward-thinking and unconventional solutions for businesses impacted by the unexpected. Evergreen provides financial backing that allows their clients to; sell excess or slow-moving inventory without a loss and exit noncancellable media commitments,

Evergreen’s business is all about preparing for the future and positioning its clients for the inevitable ebbs and flows of your business.  it – is a partner that not only understands the need for businesses to plan for what’s down the road but that has the experience and expertise to guide them on that journey.

The smartest business leaders understand that they must position themselves for the future and are going into the new year better prepared to tackle any issues with the best, most inventive solutions – and more and more of these businesses are embracing solutions developed and perfected by Evergreen Trading.

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