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The State of Digital Place-Based Media

The digitization and media saturation of the world has turned quite a few industries on their proverbial heads. The advertising industry, in particular, has found itself in a unique position. On the one hand, their old reliable advertising channels like newspapers and television are becoming less and less relevant. On the other hand, they are faced with a problem of overabundance. Advertisers have more avenues to reach consumers than ever before. It sounds gr...

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Aligning your media buying with business results

Our latest white paper tackles the subject of the transition of media buying from being evaluated using the traditional metrics of rating points, demographics, reach, etc. with sell-through, new customers, inventory levels and profit. Clients are demanding tangible results and there is a move underfoot for CMOs to deliver on business goals, not just on media KPIs. It’s a challenging and expensive task, but clients and brands are demanding accountability and ...

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