Evergreen Trading

Eliminate your excess inventory headache at CES

As we approach CES, does this sound familiar:

  • You have slow moving or discontinued product you’d love to be rid of but haven’t wanted to take the price hit of selling it
  • Returned product is a headache and is piling up with no cost-effective solution on the horizon
  • Components or raw materials no longer needed are taking up space but you don’t know where to sell  or scrap them

We are coming to CES specifically to talk to people like you about our financial and logistical solutions to problems like these.

Case Study of Buying Obsolete Product

An e-Cig manufacturer developed a next generation product but a large inventory of the old product remained in their warehouse.

Evergreen Trading purchased at full original cost the entire 45 truckloads of the discontinued product – both the hardware and the cartridge material – and sold it overseas and out of their distribution area. The client benefitted by avoiding overhead costs of holding the inventory and the bottom line hit of liquidating the product and instead was able to invest those resources into manufacturing and selling their new products.