About Us

Evergreen Trading possesses the trading expertise, relationships, and market clout to purchase large quantities media within the major broadcast, out-of-home, print, and digital traded media marketplace. It is through this marketplace that media vendors trade for needed goods and services in order to satisfy their business needs and lower their operating costs.

Our acquisition of media within the traded media marketplace provides us with a lower media cost basis allowing us to create capital. We pass that capital on to our clients in the form of purchasing excess inventory, surplus real estate, obsolete equipment, unused lease space and other unwanted corporate assets for a price far greater than market value.

The senior members the Evergreen Trading team personally work with our clients throughout the entire relationship as we create a solution for their asset problems that will return to them a substantially higher price.

Because of our partnerships with media companies, product liquidators, service providers, and others who help us facilitate our transaction, we have much more flexibility than anyone in our industry in how we create solutions. Evergreen Trading is not locked into a single type of advertising. Instead, we access the entire media market. With Evergreen Trading, you will benefit from a wide variety of services and opportunities that arise from our network of diverse strategic relationships.