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Podcast with Scott Neslund

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We spoke to Scott Neslund about the transition of Brand Marketer to Brand Media Investor. Basically, it revolves around the concept of brand clients making investment decision with the media budget vs just spending the budget. Scott talks about the transition of brand marketers to the various new roles they must play in the digital world in which we now live.

Brand marketers used to be able to manage the visual aspects of the brand and oversee the advertising in the few channels they used. They had the experience and those were the responsibilities for which they were trained.

Now, marketing oversees not just the traditional advertising, but social advertising and organic social posts and strategies. They may manage multiple apps, website content, and terabytes of data. But this is far more than they may have trained for. How does today’s brand marketer lead these initiatives and produce the results sufficient to succeed in their career?

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