Your Marketing Advantage

Prior to Evergreen Trading, the words “Marketing” and “Advantage” were not often used in the same sentence while describing a trade of excess inventory or real estate for advertising. Through the years, the view of many senior marketing people has developed into seeing Corporate Trade as a challenging way of buying their carefully planned advertising.

Your marketing advantage in using Evergreen Trading is to benefit from a media resource that will place your advertising in strict accordance with the direction from your in-house marketing team or advertising agency.

If your experience with trade has been with a barter company compromising your media, let Evergreen Trading provide you with the resources of a world class media company that trades.

That distinction provides you with:

  • A transparent view of how we acquire the time and space for your media. We hate confusion-yours or ours. Perhaps begin by reading this post on getting clear on traded media.
  • The resources and clout of Horizon Media, a $7.5 billion media buying agency collaborating with Evergreen Trading to provide you a world-class media placement experience.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you are working with the senior person who began your trading relationship. Rest assured, you’ll be working with trade veterans.
  • Quick, knowledgeable responses to your questions or difficult situations. Evergreen Trading is structured to be on call for you when you need us, and for your contact to be empowered to make decisions that align with your needs and schedule.
  • A media placement firm with no business or financial ties to your advertising agency. Our objectivity is critical in ensuring that we are held to your rigorous media standards. For more detail on this, read our post on trading company objectivity.
  • A change from the overhead-rich barter company focused primarily on their short-term financial needs.