What do you love about your company?

Yesterday we picked up a reporter query for a story. They asked for a response to the question: What do you love about your company?

A great question – the answer to which every business owner should write down.

So, our CEO, Gordon Zellner submitted the following terrific couple of paragraphs on what he loves about the business. 

I love my business because it requires ‘lateral thinking’!  What is lateral thinking?  I see it as having a creative 360 degree perspective on businesses and connecting things that may not seem obvious; but by connecting the ‘not obvious’ you can create incremental value that also was ‘not obvious’.  Most business and business people think and behave sequentially and linearly.  This natural approach gets things done in traditional (linear) ways and achieves traditional (linear) results. Lateral thinking and activity adds a third dimension to business opportunity and problem solving and can produce 3-D results! 

The business I am in is the Corporate Trade business.   We approach regular industries in non-regular ways.  For example, the media industry is dominated by brokers (ad agencies) who distribute the product.  Rather than participate in this broker-model, we act as a principle investor and take positions in the media marketplace. We don’t just broker client’s money into the marketplace and take zero risk and achieve smaller value creation.  We invest our own capital in the media marketplace and take real risk and achieve the higher reward that goes along with higher risk…we share some of  that reward with our clients.  This contrary approach yields out-of-the-norm results, and that is what I love about our business.

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