Providing significant added value to the leading US health care equipment manufacturer and distributor

This global manufacturer/distributor of medical and surgical supplies & technologies was holding a variety of excess products, the value of which was steadily dropping.

Stethoscopes, Latex Gloves and Baby Wipes

The first three products Evergreen Trading purchased were an overstock of stethoscopes, latex gloves no longer permitted for US sale, and baby wipes containing a recently banned chemical in the US.

Each of these products were clogging up this client’s warehouses and wasting resources in the form of space and holding costs. Their only option was to slowly sell stethoscopes at a discount and find an international buyer that could take the gloves and wipes.

Evergreen Trading bought the entire inventory of each of these products at between three and four times their market value. That was the easy part, though. Next, we had to find buyers within the handful of countries into which we were allowed to sell.

Coordinating Complex Freight and Logistics

These inventories were located throughout 20 distribution centers throughout the United States. Evergreen Trading coordinated the freight and logistics necessary to get the product out of the centers and on to the appropriate port of exit. 75 containers of gloves and 48 containers of wipes is a complicated operation, and the client was thrilled for us to be handling all of it.

As we do for every client, we asked for approved countries outside of their distribution to whom we could sell these large inventories. Of every country in the world today, we were approved to sell to only 16. We located buyers in the Middle East and South America who were more than happy to receive important medical supplies at a low price.

The Benefit of Media

In return for the high price purchases, we placed Out of Home advertising to support a corporate branding campaign, giving the client an opportunity to augment their media and pay for it using gloves, wipes and stethoscopes.