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Are you Tweeting? Well, until last night, neither were we. Our new Twitter account can be found at

Twitter is coming of age, but it’s still slow to be realized by the B2B crowd. The commercialization of Twitter is being capitalized by the likes of Jetblue, Zappos, Southwest Air, and Bestbuy. They are reaching out to their customers and facilitating great two-way conversations that create trust, ease of use and BUSINESS. After all, millions of their customers are already actively engaged in Twitter.

But, what of us in the B2B space? Evergreen Trading markets to the mid to high-level executive within the world’s largest consumer product companies. Research shows that those individuals have not yet ascended on Twitter en masse. From what we’ve seen, the businesspeople populating Twitter seems to skew between the business superstars (Jack Welsh, Richard Bramsom, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Steve Case, etc.) and independent consultants, venture capitalists, business techies.

There seems to be a void in the corporate senior executive user. And not without good reason. I don’t think these men and women (more likely men) see the value of 140 characters. The prevailing view held by many of these people is that Twitter is a recreational pass-time for people obsessed with the trivial goings on of others. High-tech stalking?

In fact, Twitter does have much to offer today’s senior businessperson. Doing a search within Twitter can quickly uncover comments being made of your company, your products, and of you! For the first time, you have the ability to listen in on these conversations throughout the world in pretty much real time. And they’re going on whether you choose to listen in or not.

Twitter also offers the B2B company a great opportunity to reach out to its customers and prospective customers to communicate about new products, new features, customer support issues, company announcements, and general value of relavance to it audience.

We hope that you will engage with us in the Twitter conversation as we:

•  share insights into succeeding with corporate trade
•  announce new goings on within Evergreen Trading
•  provide interesting resources discovered throughout the web
•  answer your questions about corporate trade
•  engage in conversations about whatever is of interest to our core audience

And throughout the process, we’ll endeavor to avoid digressions into what we’re having for dinner, Britney Spear’s latest exploits, and that cute little thing the dog can do.

About Mike Lake

Mike is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Evergreen Trading. When not playing jazz trombone he is probably obsessing about writing content that will capture the attention and interest of business people and fellow learning junkies everywhere.

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