Trade Solutions

The essence of our value creation is simple. We generate capital through your purchase of a portion of your planned advertising from us. You currently buy your advertising through an outside agency or in-house team. But did you know that you can acquire that very same advertising schedule through another means – one that provides you with a significant financial benefit?

Through Evergreen Trading, you can tap into a media market available exclusively to trading companies and media vendors. Media acquired through that market provides for a lower cost basis. The difference between your planned costs, which we charge you, and our lower cost basis provides us with the capital to:

  • Purchase your excess inventory at well above market value
  • Purchase your surplus owned real estate at your full asking price
  • Reimburse you for your full lease costs on unwanted leased space
  • Fully fund a lease termination fee
  • Purchase a bulk amount of gift cards at full face value
  • Purchase current products or services at full price
  • Selling off bankruptcy debt or vendor paper
  • Paying slotting allowances