Our Trade-Plus Differentiation

Evergreen Trading is not the only corporate trading company. We are, however, significantly different in several areas that directly increase the value you can gain through a trading relationship. We call this differentiation Trade-Plus


Past experience in building other media trading firms motivated the principals of Evergreen Trading to create an organization through which clients would benefit from unprecedented transactional flexibility, media buying transparency and a greater overall financial and operational value.  We call these unique attributes Trade-Plus.  Nine years later, Trade-Plus is creating disruption in the industry and is delighting our clients.

Evergreen Trading  Trade-Plus program offers  clients a number of unique benefits.

Greatest Transparency in the Industry

Evergreen Trading provides greater transparency than any company in our industry. We understand the need for our clients have to a clear understanding and comfort for where their assets are sold, how our media trades are made, why media vendors choose to work with us and even how we make money.  To that end, we have always shared with our clients any and all requested information that does not violate our contract terms with our media partners.  This information includes, but is not limited to, audits of our media trades, by medium.

Strongest Media Vendor Relationships

We have built the strongest and most respected media vendor relationships across all mediums and serve as the media AOR for more media providers than any of our competitors.  Our proven record of collaboration has earned the trust and respect of the media community.
Evergreen Trading has exceptional relationships with the media vendor community which provides both tangible (financial & operational) and intangible value to our clients.  In fact, many media vendors pay us the ultimate compliment by hiring us to be their media agency! (Turner Networks, ABC, AETN, Univision, i-Heart Radio). This affords us access to unmatched levels of trade-based media positions for our clients/partners.  From the media vendors’ perspective, we sit in an ideal place between the larger holding company trading divisions, where cannibalization of core cash business is a concern, and the smaller trading companies who may lack clout and capital for sufficient everyday media vendor relationships to create needed trading positions.

Better Business model and Flexibility

Your Gain Is Our Only Business.   That statement is not just our tagline, it’s our company mantra.

Evergreen Trading’s business model allows for a focus on our client’s needs, not just our short term net margin or quarterly results. This is a change from the overhead-rich barter company focused primarily on their short-term financial needs. At Evergreen Trading, we are not saddled with a minimum net margin that is often in direct conflict with what’s best for our clients. The result is a different type of company. From our corporate structure to our media buying platform, Evergreen Trading is realizing our vision of providing our clients with uncompromised media placements that are solely aligned with their marketing strategies and objectives.

Greatest ROI

A greater overall return on trade due to our exclusive media investments, our joint venture with Horizon Media and their substantial resources, and Evergreen Trading’s better business model.


An independent relationship between Evergreen Trading and your advertising agency will ensure that both parties work towards maximizing efficiencies for you. While the concept of “one-stop shopping” may be operationally appealing, from a procurement/sourcing best-practices perspective, this may not always be in a client’s best interest.  Holding company barter firms and agencies experience immense pressure to work closely with each other to maintain 100% of revenues under the same corporate umbrella.  This neighboring structure can lead to compromises being made (e.g. escalating pricing benchmarks), ultimately diluting the financial benefit of the overall Corporate Barter transaction.

Our People

While we have chosen not to be the biggest trade company, we have chosen to only employ the all-stars from our industry.  Our staff, from top to bottom, consciously decided to work at Evergreen Trading so that we can bring our experience, our business acumen and our client first mindset directly to our clients.

Our senior team was chosen for their experience in delivering trade value to a wide range of clients within diverse industries. They have expertise in Procurement, Finance, Marketing, Media and Real Estate lead our many client interactions. The skills and relationships resulting from that experience will allow you to reap the full rewards of media trading with less effort and greater certainty than with any other firm.  We believe our level of direct client service exceeds everyone within our industry.