Our Trade Experience

The substance of corporate trade is not some shiny thing chosen from a shelf or showroom. The value you gain from a trade relationship is created from the knowledge, experience and creativity of the people with whom you trade.

The senior people within Evergreen Trading who manage the business and structure the trades with clients have each been in the corporate trading industry at least 20 years. We have created transactions and fostered long-term relationships with senior executives within companies throughout a variety of industries:

Consumer Electronics
Food & Beverage

Packaged goods
Travel and Hospitality

Client Case Studies

Buying surplus wine

Wine in a rackA leading California winery with dozens of nationally recognized brand names had developed excess inventory from three brands. The brand teams began to re-tool the packaging and positioning of these brands as the surplus inventory was taking up a large amount of warehouse space. While the wine itself was perfectly fine, the change in marketing direction was making the surplus wine problematic.

Because the winery had built built corporate trade into its marketing arsenal, they had the ability to move the surplus inventory into secondary resale channels at pricing significantly above their others options. The solution they chose was for Evergreen Trading to buy the entire inventory for its full cost plus a small profit and for it to be sold to two large retailers. Due to the requests of the client and because of distribution and logistics requirements, the inventory was distributed only to the California stores.

In exchange for our purchase, the client has bought a variety of media including national television, out-of-home, newspapers, and digital display media. The client has since done several other transactions which have provided them with a much needed safety net for preventing loses on surplus product.

Purchasing a manufacturing facility

market_dairy_1A manufacturer of nationally sold dairy products held a 100 year-old manufacturing facility occupying six different lots that was no longer being used to make their products. Partly because there were environmental challenges associated with the property, an acceptable price had not been forthcoming for two years. With the property’s book value sitting above the fair market value, the property remained unsold.

Evergreen Trading purchased the property at the full book value for cash. At closing, we took title to the property and full responsibility for the environmental issues.

We resold the property to a variety of buyers including the local Humane Society and a manufacturer of kosher products, each taking individual property lots. In exchange for the purchase, we are placing national television, print, and out-of-home advertising as well as taking on various marketing assignments including the producing of celebrity endorsements and point of purchase events.

Reimbursing retail leases

medical-researchA well-known medical service retailer had a number of leased properties across the country that they were no longer occupying. They were continuing to make their periodic lease payments which were impacting their bottom line.

The transaction with Evergreen Trading reimbursed them for the full cost of the lease payments, therefore absolving them of the expense of those unoccupied properties. We secured a subtenant for each of the properties and assume all property management responsibilities. The combination of the subtenant payments along with an Evergreen Trading advertising credit reimbursed the client for the full cost of the leases.

The client is using the advertising credit to pay for a significant portion of their spot radio & television, out-of-home, and digital media costs.