Top ten summer reading list

With summer vacation season officially here, we can all use some reading recommendations, right? Here are my top ten books for your Kindle, iPad, Nook, PlayBook, or bound paper (do they even do that anymore??) Not in any particular order, here are some that might entertain and/or educate you this summer…

  1. Pinball by Jerzy Kosinski. An exciting adventure Kosinski wrote for George Harrison about a beautiful ruthless woman obsessed with finding the real identity of Goddard, a rock superstar whose identity is known not even to his family and closest friends.
  2. Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely  Do you think we all act based upon reason and what is in our best interests? Dan Ariely exposes the irrational forces at play in our decisions regarding sex, money, pain and much more in this fascinating look at our very predictable irrational human behaviors.
  3. The Presence Process by Michael Brown As a former music journalist, Michael Brown has a rich talent for the English language. Using his great writing skills and deeply personal self-healing experience, he will take you on an introspective journey to still your mind and bring you back to the calm state in which you deserve to live: the present.
  4. Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki  Kawasaki's wit and candid communication style is in full force in this eclectic collection of thoughts on entrepreneurship, marketing, persuasion and much more. You'll feel as if you've read several important business books by the end.
  5. All Marketers are Liars by Seth Godin  The intentionally provocative title reflects Godin's premise that a marketing message, to be effective, must mirror the existing beliefs of its audience rather than attempt to create a new belief. Very few can afford the marketing cost of convincing a mass audience of a new belief sufficient to support a new product or idea, so tie your product or service into their existing beliefs.
  6. Island by Aldous Huxley A man washes up on an unmapped island and discovers something oddly fascinating about the enlightened inhabitants. Something that will forever change the way he views his past and future. It might even change yours as well.
  7. Social Boom! by Jeffrey Gitomer  Having built his reputation as a modern day sales guru, Gitomer tackles the complex topic of business social media. In writing this insightful little book, Jeffrey was smart enough to bring in over a dozen social media experts to provide the detail of how to use social media in all its major variants to prospect and sell.
  8. Healing Back Pain by John Sarno M.D.  Okay, maybe this one isn't entertaining seaside reading, but for those of us feeling the ill effects of age showing up in our back and other places, this is required reading. Sarno is well-known for his thesis that all back pain is due, not to physical abnormalities, but rather from our subconscious attempting to get our attention. About what? That's for you to uncover so that your back pain ends.
  9. Little Big Things by Tom Peters  If you are looking for a collection of thoughts to jump start you out of a rut, this is the book. Irreverent and funny as ever, Peters will get you thinking differently about your job, career, relationships and life.
  10. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand  Often considered the most influential book outside of the bible, its monumental theme has never been more relevant than today. If great writing, classically heroic characters, passionate love, real-world philosophy, life-changing ideas and (did I mention great writing?) floats your boat, read this book!

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