Three stand-out corporate holiday gift ideas

It may only be the beginning of October, but the end-of-year holidays will be here soon. For those of us wishing to holiday gift our clients, that means starting to think about creative ideas that will stand out from people sending those big three-section tins of flavored popcorn or Starbucks gift cards.

Here are three unique gifts that can be given to your select clients with confidence that both the gift and you will be appreciated for the thought.

1. Subscription boxes. Monthly boxes of goodies from a wide variety of themes are becoming very popular. From Barkbox (dog toys and treats) to Plated (high-quality meals for two) to Bespoke Post (monthly themes around men’s lifestyle products), these monthly surprises allow you to truly customize your gift giving.

Both the challenge and power of this type of gift is that one size definitely doesn’t fit all. The cat-loving client won’t want Barkbox and the eat-out-every-night client won’t appreciate Plated, so giving a subscription requires you to know a bit about your client’s personality!

2. A personal assistant. A service called Fancy Hands allows you to give a certain number of tasks as a gift. Imagine receiving five free tasks each month of your choosing that could include picking up your dry cleaning; ordering and bringing you a meal from your favorite restaurant that doesn’t deliver; or finding a computer repair shop in your area, bringing your laptop in and returning it safely back to you working perfectly.

Read through their blog and you’ll get an idea of some of the many tasks that can be done through Fancy Hands. You may start to see the possibilities and the appreciation you will receive from a client who saves hours and aggravation from this very unique gift.

3. Charitable gifts. Tisbest allows you to give a gift card branded with your corporate logo containing a predetermined amount of money that will be donated to a charity of your client’s choice. Plastic cards can be ordered or virtual cards can be emailed directly to the recipient. They have a variety of holiday themes for the card design and hundreds of charities to choose from in 16 broad categories.

With each passing year, our available choices of corporate gifts expands exponentially. We can only hope that this multitude of cool gifts will forever retire the fruitcake from consideration!

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