The current evolution to Real-Time Interactive Marketing

A New York-based digital technology company named Pulsepoint created an interesting study. A report containing their findings is entitled, Bridging the Digital Divide: How Marketers, Agencies and Publishers Can Evolve From Channel Specialists to Consumer Specialists.

As online advertising placement evolves from Multi-Channel to Cross-Channel to Real-Time Interactive, Pulsepoint compares the self-proclaimed proficiencies and practices of Marketers, Agencies, and Publishers. Pulsepoint defines these three areas as follows:

Multi-Channel Marketing: Marketing programs using two or more digital channels.

Cross-Channel Marketing: Marketing programs across multiple digital channels that are more highly coordinated. Lessons from specific channels are used to inform marketing activities in other channels.

Real-Time Interactive Marketing: The most sophisticated marketing capability that leverages real-time or dynamic interactions to automatically deliver the most relevant messages and content across digital channels and programs.

Pulsepoint slices and dices the data a number of interesting ways, but the bottom line is that of Marketers, Agencies and Publishers, Marketers admit a serious lack of understanding and therefore use of Real-Time marketing. They demonstrate the current evolution occuring from Muti-Channel to Real-Time, and illustrate the claims of agencies, publishers, and marketers of their understanding and implemention of new interactive marketing technologies.

Their Findings

Marketers gave a rating of only 6% regarding their company's current ability or effectiveness to implement Real-Time Interactive Marketing. When asked the top priority over the next 12 months, 65% of marketers listed "Measuring Campaign Performance", and one third listed Real-Time Measurement & Optimization. Marketers know the tools exist, but they know they are not yet utilizing them as they would like to in the near future.

Perhaps related to the desire to improve their ability to buy on a real-time basis, 58% of marketers stated that they expect to increase their relationships with digital agencies. But those agencies better be prepared to deliver results because 48% of marketers expect to change their agency compensation to performance based on sales revenues. John Wanamaker will soon know exactly where his 50% of wasted advertising dollars is going!

All this points to two core benefits of working with Evergreen Trading. Marketers face two potential problems today: Excess inventories due to the difficulty to predict proper inventory levels with certainty, and inefficient media buying due to a lack of expertise in the constantly evolving technology of buying digital media in a real time bid basis.

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