The cash-creating ability of Corporate Trade – and how you benefit

Corporate trade cashOf course you’ve heard that corporate trade can be an effective means to selling your excess inventory, surplus real estate, obsolete capital equipment for more than the market value. But do you really know HOW?

You are like most people in that you won’t engage in something that seems unclear, or worse, too good to be true. Right?

Well, the latest installment to our SolutionSpots video series illustrates how the placement of your budgeted advertising by a corporate trading firm creates a source of funds. Those funds allow Evergreen Trading to pay well over market value for your excess inventory, surplus real estate, obsolete capital equipment, and solves a virtually unlimited number of other corporate problems.

But wait. If funds can be created from the placement of your advertising, couldn’t that money simply be put back into your advertising budget in order for you to reduce your advertising expense? Yes. Under the right circumstances.

Your advertising agency and marketing people are currently buying media at the best cost possible to them. Corporate trade companies are acquiring advertising time and space in a completely different manner, which allows for some greater efficiencies.

To gain a much clearer picture of all this, and, ultimately how you benefit, watch the video (it takes less than two minutes). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.


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