The benefit of internally promoting your trade transaction’s success

As we are fond of saying, good communication is the key to gaining a high return on investment from your corporate trade transaction. One of the most important elements of communication is the internal conversations you should conduct within your organization about the success of your transaction.  This is a cross-functional transaction where each department may have their own view of its success.  Solicit that input and air it out among all the functions.  In other words, talk to Marketing about how it’s going, then promote the fact that the deal is working well (assuming it is).

You probably worked hard to gather consensus within your organization to approve the initial trade transaction. Once you have shipped the asset and used a good amount of the services (and/or trade credit), get input from those functions (Marketing, Sales, Logistics, etc.) and circulate the positive feedback. Otherwise nobody will ever know how the transaction turned out.

By asking, you will know what is happening.  If they are having difficulties with how things are progressing, it’s time to remedy those issues.

But, let’s assume things are going well. Your trade credit balance is going down and the advertising being placed by the trading company is on schedule and on budget. Your first step is to have your marketing people confirm that things are going well. The sale of the inventory or asset was just the beginning. The financial return on the transaction comes from the advertising being placed to the specifications of your marketing department.

Next, who else knows that the trade credit is being spent at or above your initial projections? Now’s the time to begin promoting the success of the transaction. Let people know, especially those who may have been hesitant to sign off on the deal. Aim high. Make sure that the “C” level people within your organization know that the investment is providing the projected return, and that the transaction did not succumb to their earlier concerns.

This may all seem like corporate politics 101, but we find that too few sponsors of corporate trade take the time to discover from Marketing that the transaction is going well. When they begin to float the idea of a subsequent transaction for another inventory,  they find themselves having to convince the same people who are posing the same questions and concerns.

Instead, discover, then promote the fact that from Marketing’s perspective, corporate trade is doing its job of providing a very healthy return on investment.

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