The advertising magic born from out-of-home and digital convergence

americas-callout-image2A recent study by advertising technology company YuMe found that consumers are 41% more receptive to advertising in public places than at home.

That stat alone certainly validates the effectiveness of out-of-home advertising, but the integration of digital technologies is creating an advanced advertising medium that attracts attention and enables personal interaction unlike anything the industry has ever seen.

Brands like Coke, JetBlue, Heineken and Dominoes are among those creating interactive experiences that promote their brands in unique and engaging ways. No longer need billboards be static wooden signs sitting lifelessly on roadsides. With the convergence of digital technologies, out-of-home ads can be exciting attention-grabbing personalized brand experiences.

Coca-Cola partnered with Clear Channel and Google to create an interactive experience in New York’s Times Square called “What’s in a Name, Times Square”. Times Square visitors were able to tweet their first name along with the hashtag “cokemyname” to see a personalized story with their name broadcast on a huge digital screen twice the size of a double decker bus. In addition, a camera on a nearby opposite building snaped a photo of the board and tweeted back to the phone that sent the original tweet. It was anticipated that people would naturally want to share these unique images which, of course, carried with them the prominently displayed Coke brand. It was a brilliant unity of brand sharing and the personal gratification of seeing one’s name in lights above Times Square.

In another integration of real time activity and engaging brand promotion, British Airways created a digital OOH campaign called “Look up” in London’s Piccadilly Circus featuring a young boy pointing to the sky. If you follow the path of his finger, you’ll notice that it’s aimed at an actual plane above. The billboard updates in real time, displaying the flight’s number and origin. (In the video, below, it’s BA475 from Barcelona.) Apparently, the billboard uses custom-built surveillance technology to pull off this creative feat.

From geofencing to social media integration to land-based gadgets sensing the surrounding area, out-of-home advertising is fast becoming a much more personal, real-time activity that excites the senses and invites enthusiastic interaction with brands. And isn’t that what great advertising is all about? Well, digital out of home is fast making that level of advertising a reality.

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