Taylor Swift Takes a Bite Out of Apple

There’s no denying the superpower that is Taylor Swift. The girl has it all: brains, beauty, talent, and now a big fat paycheck from Apple Music. Taylor Swift recently performed for our partners at Horizon Media, and while she sang her hit song like a champ, this sour deal with Apple was one thing she wasn’t about to shake off.

Apple Music is the company’s new streaming service (think Spotify) that will cost members $9.99/month. However, as a promotion, Apple announced that they are offering a free three-month trial membership, at which point Taylor jumped in with an open letter to Apple. In the letter posted on her Tumblr page, Taylor explained that she would be holding back her hit album ‘1989’ from the streaming service because Apple Music would not be paying writers, producers, or artists during that trial period. Always the humble crusader for the underdog, Swift explained that this has nothing to do with selfish greed, but rather for all of the artists out there who are to afraid of the backlash of standing up to the almighty Apple.

Less than 24 hours after Taylor posted her letter to Tumblr, Apple apologized and announced that artists will now collect some royalties during the Apple Music free trial period. As Swift states in her letter, “We don’t ask you for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation” Touché, Ms. Swift. You can come help us with negotiations any time you like!



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