Relieving you of left-over summer product

The end of summer is coming. Your fall products and merchandise will arrive soon. Will you be ready?

Evergreen Trading can buy your left-over summer goods and pay you above the market value. No distribution conflicts or compromises to your brand.

Evergreen Trading is a media company that creates financial solutions for a broad variety of procurement, marketing, sales, and operations needs. The capital for the solution is carved out of our participation in your planned, already budgeted broadcast, out-of-home and digital advertising.

How? By capitalizing on the spread between your negotiated net cost of advertising and our lower cost of that very same advertising that we buy in the traded media market.

Armed with that new source of capital, Evergreen Trading can also:

  • Fund your purchase of an operational good or service that is needed but not budgeted
  • Buy back from you a media sponsorship or other investment that you no longer want – at your full cost
  • Buy any other excess or surplus asset – product, equipment or real estate at higher than market value

We are unlike trade companies you have reviewed or used. Evergreen Trading is a $4.5 billion media company that accepts payment in cash, product, gift cards, physical stores, or equipment. We are neither an advertising agency nor simply a trading company.

As a media company allied with your advertising agency, we can place your important advertising as you intend it to be placed – and at your costs and your terms.

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