We’ll buy or sublease your problematic closed restaurant at higher than market prices.

If economic conditions are forcing your restaurant to close locations, we can prevent you from selling or subleasing them at less than your book value.

You face many obstacles these days preventing the full price sale or sublease of your closed locations. The commercial real estate market, competitive restrictions, internal accounting pressures, and more stand in your way of getting a higher return on your unused locations.

Evergreen Trading can purchase or sub-lease your closed locations at your full book value while still adhering to your sale or lease restrictions. Working with your broker, we can resell or sublease the properties at a much higher price than the market will bear – in exchange for you placing a portion of your normal broadcast, print, Out-of-home, or digital media through us. Our placement of your advertising creates the funds that allow us to pay you more for your real estate.

Watch the following 120 second video and see for yourself how our placement of a portion of your advertising can translate into a full price sale or sublease of your closed restaurant locations.