Selling product to Evergreen Trading without any distribution risk

You may be fearing that reaping the financial benefits of trade requires you to give up your product to Evergreen Trading. We do not need to be involved in the product distribution in order for us to return to you a higher price for the product you sell us.

For example, say you have an excess inventory of printers. Normally you discount the price to certain retail customers. The product is safely in the hands of trusted accounts and their customers receive a discount which benefits the retailers.

Selling printers to Evergreen Trading

By working with Evergreen Trading, you can negotiate a price with your retail and other customers and ship the printers directly to those customers just like usual.

The difference will be that the funds from the sale will go to Evergreen Trading and in turn, Evergreen Trading will directly pay you a higher amount–at least full wholesale–in either cash or a media credit.

Once the above process is complete, Evergreen Trading will place a predetermined portion of your budgeted advertising. Evergreen Trading’s placement of the client’s TV, radio, out of home or digital advertising provides us the funds to pay you more for the printers.