Sell or Sublease your Real Estate

Owned Properties

We would like to purchase your unused manufacturing plant, warehouse facility, or dark retail store. Perhaps you’ve had this property on the market for some time now with no offers close to your asking price. We can pay you your asking price.

Using our unique ability to raise capital through the traded media market  we can pay you more that any other buyer. As a principal, we will take title to the property and execute a transaction in a quick and efficient manner.

Leased Properties

We can fully reimburse you for your lease payments so that you no longer incur any out-of-pocket costs on unused lease space. As with a fee simple sale, capital is generated through the purchase of your normal advertising and that capital is used to reimburse you for your lease costs.

Barring restrictions on early termination, Evergreen Trading also can provide the funds to pay the lease termination fee to the landlord. Without any out-of-pocket costs to you, the lease can be terminated providing you with a clean exit from the property.

If you have time remaining on your lease prior to your early termination option, we can fund the monthly lease payments up to that time at which you can pay the early termination fee. As with all the above scenarios, we can structure the transaction so that all associated fees and commissions are reimbursed.