Sell your excess retail merchandise or surplus real estate for much more

General-banner-and-testimonialThe explosive growth of internet and mobile shopping is making it more difficult to accurately predict how much product to order or manufacture that will sell through in your stores. Tough times for retail is also forcing many to close stores. Instead of selling your excess store inventory or dark locations for a low market value, see what Evergreen Trading can do for you.

Evergreen Trading will buy your excess inventory or surplus real estate for much more than any other buyer. As retail merchandising and real estate specialists we buy closeouts, unsold store merchandise, unwanted stores, closed distribution centers, and unused office space – all for much more than fair market value.

By placing a portion of your normal budgeted advertising through our media placement partner, Horizon Media, the funds are created to pay more for your surplus retail assets. Are your closed stores leased? No problem. Our placement of a portion of your advertising will enable us to fully reimburse you for those lease payments. We can even fund a lease termination if one exists.

To learn how Evergreen Trading can eliminate your problematic retail assets, contact:

Michael Lake
SVP Marketing and New Business