Sell your excess retail merchandise for much more

Merchandise-banner-and-testimonialEven in the best of times, it’s tough to predict exactly how much product to order or manufacture that will sell through in your stores. Today, Internet and mobile buying makes estimating store sales very difficult.

Evergreen Trading will purchase your excess in-store merchandise and warehoused product at a price much higher than any other buyer. We will provide you with the logistical capabilities to consolidate product and quickly move it out of your stores or warehouse.

By placing a portion of your budgeted broadcast, out-of-home, or digital advertising through our media placement partner Horizon Media, we will create the funds to pay you well above fair market value for your overstocks or closeouts.

As retail specialists, Evergreen Trading will solve any excess inventory problem by paying you more and moving your product to an outlet that will not interfere with your store sales.

To learn how Evergreen Trading can eliminate your excess merchandise, contact:

Michael Lake
SVP Marketing and New Business

Calculate the price we can pay for your merchandise

New-Calculator-imageClick here to discover how much more than market value we can pay you for your excess merchandise. Enter just a few numbers and we will provide you a price, and media trade amount, and your ROI.