A pure trade of your inventory for media

Corporate trade transactions come in many flavors depending upon the needs and circumstances of the client. Often a high value can be gained for an inventory by using it to pay for a portion of larger budged media schedule. The client might use their inventory to pay for 20% or more of a media schedule.

But under the right circumstances, an inventory can be simply traded whole for media. Instead of selling an inventory for cash, it can be traded to Evergreen Trading for an amount of broadcast, print or digital advertising worth much more than the fair market value of the inventory.

Trade for Trade graphic



  • The amount we pay you for your inventory will be based upon the fair market value of your inventory and the specifications of the media you wish to receive.
  • The media you place through Evergreen Trading is the same media you would normally place either through your advertising agency or your in-house efforts.
  • We will work together to identify a buyer for the inventory that you approve. You can approve buyers we propose or suggest buyers to whom you wish us to sell.