Purchasing surplus real estate

Providing a quick closing at a high price with fully integrated due-diligence, Evergreen Trading purchases many forms of unwanted commercial real estate:

  • Dark retail stores
  • Closed manufacturing plants
  • Unused warehouse facilities
  • Unoccupied office buildings
  • Raw land

We can be a principal in the transaction, taking ownership of the property – or we can facilitate a sale to your prospective buyer. Your choice. In either case, Evergreen Trading will greatly increase the return on your property. Our in-house real estate division provides you with full acquisition due-diligence to fully integrated post-acquisition asset management.

Our purchase carries no financing contingency nor do we buy subject to needing a tenant for a vacant property. One of the advantages of working with us is that you are free of the typical contingencies buyers place on their purchase of vacant properties. We are also willing to purchase quantifiable environmentally challenged properties.

Our many relationships with national real estate providers can provide you with references on Evergreen Trading from the major brokerage companies. Read our white paper discussing the most common resistance to using trade for selling commercial real estate.