Purchasing excess inventory

Evergreen Trading purchases all types of excess inventory such as:

  • Closeouts & overstocks
  • Excess and surplus inventory
  • Discontinued lines
  • Cancelled orders
  • Stock lifts
  • Short-coded product
  • Sellable seconds or damaged product

Evergreen Trading will purchase these inventories at a price significantly higher than the market will bear. We work with you to identify appropriate accounts to whom the inventory is sold within the secondary or tertiary marketplace. In exchange for our higher price, you will place a portion of your planned broadcast, print, out-of-home, or digital advertising through Evergreen Trading – the same advertising you would have ended up placing through your advertising agency.  Learn about our media placement capabilities.

For example, you might have an excess inventory for which your cost is $500,000. You have received offers only as high as $250,000 and have been unwilling to take a $250,000 loss. Upon review of the inventory and advertising plans, Evergreen Trading will pay you the full $500,000. You will then place a pre-determined portion of your upcoming advertising through us.

The amount we will pay for your inventory will depend on a variety of factors such as your inventory’s market value, your financial objectives, your media plans, and your distribution parameters. In the end, you will sell your inventory for much more than any other buyer is willing to pay.