Purchasing gift cards

Evergreen Trading will purchase a large bulk of your gift cards at their full face value. No discounts, fees or commissions.

Our extensive network for gift card distribution includes online partners, a large friends and family network, and the national community of broadcast, print, outdoor and digital media vendors with whom we regularly trade. Your cards will go into the hands of new customers within your market who would not have otherwise purchased cards through your normal channels. And like any other purchase we make, you pre-approve our proposed distribution strategy.

In return, you will place a portion of your normal, budgeted advertising through us. You’re not advertising your gift cards through us, but rather allowing us to place a bit of your normal scheduled promotional or branding advertising.

The benefits you receive from our purchase of your gift cards include:

  • An increase of new customers
  • Incremental increases in existing customers
  • A broader promotion of your brand
  • A new source of revenue arising from our bulk purchase