Procurement: Don’t just negotiate for lower cost media. Invest in a long-term strategy for significant savings.

As a strategic sourcing professional, your objective is to lower costs while maintaining a high quality in the media you acquire. Yes, you can continue to negotiate for lower costs with your media vendors, but in the end, your savings are marginal and your media quality could be compromised.

Evergreen Trading can enhance your current cost savings initiatives by providing you with an investment mechanism through which your media costs can be reduced beyond typical price negotiation.

We are a principal investor within the broadcast, print, outdoor, and digital media market. Using investment banking techniques, our investments in the media vendors provide us with a return on capital that results in unprecedented lower media costs. Through your relationship with Evergreen Trading, you can tap into those prices for the first quality media for which you have planned and budgeted.

The benefits to you include:

  • Cost savings in your largest area of spend
  • Increased media for your currently budgeted dollars
  • A significant complement to your agency’s current buying resources
  • The means for you to surpass your annual efficiency targets
  • Program scalability that can achieve both short and long-term efficiencies
  • Applicable across business lines and units
  • Ease of implementation – no hard start-up costs or arduous process changes