Overview of Evergreen Trading

Who is Evergreen Trading?

Evergreen Trading was founded in 2009 to offer a media trading platform that provides a transparent and measurable delivery of the full media, financial and operational value expected by its clients.

As 20+ year veterans of the media trading industry, we saw changing client needs and an unwillingness of the “legacy” firms to adapt and refocus on quality over quantity. Evergreen Trading’s mission is to provide the highest quality service delivering the most measurable value via maximum simplicity and transparency. We employ 70 professionals and work in an operating partnership with Horizon Media Inc.  Our partnership with Horizon Media, the largest independently owned and operated media buying firm in the world at $7.5b in media investment, provides Evergreen Trading with a base of buying clout, operating resources and research tools.

What We Do

Evergreen Trading is a financial services firm that uses media trading to create significant economic value for our clients. We provide a suite of financial and marketing services to include: the purchase of inventory, real estate, equipment, and marketing and media commitments, all at financial returns greater than market value.

The benefits we provide:

  • Paying a premium price for underperforming assets
  • Reducing expenses for advertising and/or increased reach
  • Providing operational resources focused upon existing initiatives
  • Sharing access to additional media/marketing services

How We Stand Out In The Trading Industry

1. Our Media Vendor Relationships
It all starts with the media vendors. The media vendors trade their inventory with Evergreen Trading because it is part of their process for optimizing inventory returns across a portfolio of channels. Without the media vendor relationships, there would be no media trade industry. We prioritize and respect these relationships and have established ourselves as the preferred trade shop when the media vendors have trade needs.

2. Most Transparency in the Industry
Evergreen Trading recognizes that times change and so do the needs and priorities of our clients. Transparency has been an important priority for clients for over a decade while getting much more visibility recently. Since our launch in 2009 and as part of our core principles, Evergreen Trading has been the most transparent company in the media trade industry. We are willing to meet and exceed the transparency requirements of our clients.

3. Operational Simplicity
When your goal is to be the highest quality service and not the largest, your focus shifts from internal needs to client needs. Evergreen Trading is not trying to secure the most volume and therefore does not require our clients to fit into our mass production model. Quite the opposite. While we have a recommended process that has been proven over decades of experience, we customize every client process to meet their needs so that operational execution is easiest for the client. Evergreen Trading will start with its standard process and customize it for the specific needs of our clients.

4. Our People
Evergreen Trading is comprised of all-stars from the trade industry as well as experts from the Procurement, Finance, Marketing, Media and Real Estate industries. Our team, from top to bottom, consciously decided to work at Evergreen Trading so that we can bring our experience, our business acumen, customer first mindset and our passion directly to our clients.

The Media Buying Process

When ET enters the market, it does so the same way any traditional buying process occurs. Avails are requested by network, specific programming is secured within daypart requirements, pod positions are considered, value added proposals are obtained and shared for review and approval, and all reporting will be consistent as with agency buys, procedures and standards.

Buying through ET does not change the buying process, rather, it changes the payment process. In this case, it will allow our clients to secure the same media schedules with a lower cash expense.

• Cost benchmarks set by the Agency
• Same guidelines / parameters
• Stewardship
• Client/Agency approval prior to placement
• Strategic added-value