Your opportunity to buy a sponsorship around the Superbowl next year

Event-trio-logoThe stars have aligned in Phoenix Arizona. Next January, Phoenix will be hosting the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl. That means there will be a lot of eyeballs in the valley for that week, and that bodes very well for advertisers.

The question you should be asking yourself is: How can our company best take advantage of this opportunity?

Your natural reaction may be to recognize that you lack the budget to sponsor these events in an effective manner. Fair enough, but Evergreen Trading may have a solution. If you qualify, we can generate additional capital to significantly augment your marketing/sponsorship budget.

What if your advertising agency proposed to write you a check for 20% of every net dollar you spend through them on your upcoming advertising. They assure you that nothing will be compromised. They’ll continue to place the media approved on your schedules at the same costs and commercial terms. Only, once the media has been placed and paid for, you will receive back a check for 20% of that net expenditure. Call it a rebate. Call it new-found money. And you can use that money for anything you wish – even a top tier sponsorship at the Phoenix Open.

Say you placed a $250,000 media schedule this month. That 20% would represent $50,000, or the full cost of a premium sponsorship at the Open.

Evergreen Trading is proposing to do exactly that for you. We, however, are not your advertising agency, so naturally you are suspicious that the media may not be of the quality you receive from your agency.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • The media we place on your behalf is provided to us by your agency, as are all costs and commercial terms.
  • All media will be placed by our media partner, Horizon Media, a $4 billion New York placement firm.
  • We will contactually guarantee that the media we place for you will be identical to the quality media your agency places for you.
  • We are NOT taking the place of your advertising agency. We are simply placing a portion of media sufficient to generate the capital needed for a sponsorship or to boost your marketing budget.
  • Once this process is complete, your agency again places all of your advertising as they did before.

You may be thinking, this sounds too good to be true. Well, watch this two-minute video on how we generate capital from placing media on behalf of our clients. Then let’s talk about beefing up your sponsorship budget so you can take advantage of a tremendous opportunity next January.

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Mike is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Evergreen Trading. When not playing jazz trombone he is probably obsessing about writing content that will capture the attention and interest of business people and fellow learning junkies everywhere.

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