Are you that person at the party who easily makes new friends all night or enjoys chatting with the strangers next to you in line at the store or at a crowded bar?  Are you good at convincing people about your point of view and someone who thrives on the challenge of persuading others?

If you answered yes, you might just have what it takes to be really successful in sales. Maybe a position at Evergreen Trading in meant for you.

We are looking for articulate, well-organized, high energy, social people who want to work in one of the coolest offices in New York. We are in the Horizon Media building in Tribeca and are growing a fascinating business with the advertising industry. Because of our growth, we need starting salespeople who want to be trained from the ground up to earn good money and grow within this unique industry.

If you wish to be considered, do two things: upload your resume and answer a couple questions below.

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