What is National Spot radio?


Concetta Lombardi

Concetta Lombardi, the head of our local media group was asked this question today…

At first, National Spot radio seems like an oxymoron, but in fact, it is a bona fide type of media buying. Basically, National Spot buying covers the nation but is done on a spot basis. It provides for the efficiency of a national buy with the control of a Spot buy that covers 210 markets, giving you the ability to target specific markets at more specific GRP levels.With Network Radio, you purchase programming, and with National Spot, you purchase stations within market.

One advantage of buying National Spot is that sometimes you get a discount buying it nationally versus 210 separate markets. It is also a lot less work than buying individual spot markets. At some point there is a break even number between buying markets nationally versus individually, but that is a decision based on many factors. We will buy Spot Radio on a national basis if a client wants to cover the nation but eliminate certain markets.

Spot is bought based on GRPs, while National is bought on a CPM basis. Network radio is a good, efficient way to get coverage across all markets. National Spot radio gives you the ability to target specific markets at more defined GRP levels.

Research wise, when National Spot radio comes up, it is the difference of a client placing nationally or locally, but it is one in the same Spot Radio.

If you’d like to learn how you can pay for this or other media using excess inventory, surplus real estate or other corporate assets, give Mark Ordover a call at 914.420.6678.


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