Motorsports Sponsorship Self-Funding Through Trade with Evergreen Trading

Evergreen Trading can create funding for all or a portion of your motorsport sponsorship needs that lack the necessary budget. Through our placement of a portion of your planned and budgeted advertising, we create the funds for your sponsorship needs. No fees or commissions.


Sponsorship process

The motorsport sponsorship funding process

  • A portion of the company’s upcoming media to be placed by Evergreen Trading is identified by the company and its advertising agency. ($10MM in the above illustration) Keep in mind that this advertising will be placed by the company  regardless.
  • Evergreen Trading, through its alliance with Horizon Media acquires this media through the traded media marketplace at a reduced cost. Its this reduction that provides the margin that generates the sponsorship funds.
  • The media is placed just as it would have through the client’s advertising agency (same costs and commercial terms) and the sponsorship funds are given to the company. ($1MM in the above illustration)

Marketing protections

  • All media is placed by New York’s Horizon Media, a $4.5 billion award winning media buying agency.
  • All media is bought at net to allow for the full normal advertising agency commission.
  • Costs and commercial terms are provided to Evergreen Trading/Horizon Media by the agency. Contractual guarantee are provided that the media quality will be equal to that placed by the client and their agency.