Moira Snover joins the Evergreen Trading team

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Moira Snover to our senior team at Evergreen Trading.

In keeping with our brand theme of Corporate Trade all-stars, Moira is certainly deserving of that designation. Enjoying a 13 year career in Corporate Trade, Moira has generated over 150 transactions with internationally recognized brands. She has facilitated inventory sales, corporate real estate deals, sponsorship transfers, large bulk gift card purchases, and the liquidation of distressed receivables.

Several of us at Evergreen Trading enjoyed working with Moira in her previous company, some of us having worked beside her over her entire Corporate Trade career. So we know first-hand her exceptional expertise in this industry, from her keen ability to create financial structures that solve virtually any corporate problem, to her uncommon skills at building long-term deep rooted relationships with her clients.

There is something remarkable about Moira that is not immediately apparent to people who meet her for the first time. Beneath an unassuming demeanor is an innate ability to consistently guide her clients with a calm and steady hand throughout what is often a complex transaction.

Not everyone is built to sell and service Corporate Trade deals. Perspective clients don't immediately understand how all the various pieces will eventually fit together, and as a result, need a good amount of faith in the person guiding them through the transaction. Over the years, Moira's success has been a result of quickly engendering her client's deep trust as she crafts and later services complex trade deals through all manner of circumstances and roadblocks, all while remaining on target and keeping her clients feeling well cared for and thrilled with the result.

Welcome to Evergreen Trading, Moira!

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