Stop thinking about media trading like it’s 1994


This 1994 ad by CompuServe confidently claimed their 60 email/month limit could never be outgrown. 60 emails/month! Really?

Times change. You know that. So why are you still thinking about media trading like it’s 1994? The trading companies unwilling or incapable of placing your plan’s first-quality media have gone the way of the dinosaur. Today, being able to place a client’s planned media is simply the price of entry into the industry. Let’s call that Media Trading 2.0.

But Evergreen Trading has ushered in Media Trading 3.0. In the spirit of Google Glass, self-driving cars, and smart watches, Evergreen Trading’ media trading technology now offers you:

  • Transparency through client audit rights and disclosed invoicing by market/medium
  • True partnership with the client Marketing team and advertising agency
  • Not just for excess inventory –  trade is available to eliminate unwanted media commitments and other purchases, and zero-interest funding of un-budgeted needs
  • More than a single transaction, trade with Evergreen Trading is embraced as a long-term consultive corporate strategy

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