Making it easy to change your mind on your upfront ad buys

An estimated $9 billion was spent this spring in the network's upfront media buying market. That number did not represent the increase that was hoped for, partially because of the growth in on-line video advertising and because of the continued economic sluggishness. There's a lot of uncertainly that is preventing advertisers from jumping in with both feet.

We live and buy media in an uncertain world, and the upfronts force a commitment from advertisers locking them into that uncertain future. So, what happens if marketing strategies change? What if events in the world or within your company alter how you go to market? What if you no longer want some of the media you bought in the upfront? The networks won't refund your money, but there is a solution.

Evergreen Trading will buy back your upfront media at the price you paid for it.

Similar to how we buy a manufacturer's excess inventory, we will buy your media commitments. And it isn't limited to upfront media. We will buy a sponsorship you no longer desire or most any other media time or space that no longer serves your needs. In exchange for our full-price purchase, all we ask is that you place a pre-determined portion of your future print, outdoor, digital, or broadcast media through us. And even though we will pay you well above the market value for your unwanted media, you will pay your normal rates for the media you place through Evergreen Trading.

So if you'd like to change your mind about some of the media to which you're committed, Evergreen Trading is ready to buy it back from you at full price.

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Mike is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Evergreen Trading. When not playing jazz trombone he is probably obsessing about writing content that will capture the attention and interest of business people and fellow learning junkies everywhere.

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