A little-known way to effectively reduce advertising costs – without sacrificing your reach and frequency

Breaking free from the seemingly endless discussions about transparency and compensation, let’s return to the topic of reducing your costs of media.

Total advertising spending in 2017 is estimated to increase by a little over 6% above 2016. As a procurement or finance executive, you’re likely working hard to keep your advertising costs down while not cutting into the media exposure your marketing people claim is necessary to increase sales. And their budget requests are growing!

Proctor & Gamble’s $2 billion in marketing cuts over the next five years come from areas that everyone should consider–reduced agency fees, reduced production costs, and wasteful or ineffective digital spending. But those types of cuts for most organizations only go so far. The question remains: how do you materially reduce your marketing costs without reducing the reach and frequency necessary to grow the business?

Media trading can reduce costs without negatively impacting your marketing effectiveness. In fact, trade integrates with your current spend while generating incremental dollars that can be used for a variety of needs.

Media trading reduces costs through:

  • Cutting or eliminating your out of pocket costs for agency fees
  • Reducing the costs of broadcast, out of home and digital spending
  • Gaining additional media from your existing budget regardless of medium

Evergreen Trading can also reimburse you for marketing investments that are no longer wanted such as sponsorships or long-term media commitments. Think of this aspect of our service as a safety net for making investments, the long-term value of which you may be less than 1000% sure.

Additionally, we can also provide you with the means to use excess inventory to replace cash in the purchase of your advertising. Using overstocks, closeouts, returns, and short coded products to replace cash is one of the most effective ways to reduce media costs, with the added benefit of eliminating products and materials draining your company of cash due to holding costs and other overhead.

Let’s talk about the best application of media trading to reduce your media expenditures and overhead.