Life lessons from an ad man

Rory Sutherland is a brilliant man whose contrarian opinions on almost anything will make you think, then laugh – then think. His viewpoint will frame everyday occurances into a delightful new perspective. Rory Sutherland, you see, is an ad man.

A true self-made man in the advertising profession, Rory began his career as a junior copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather UK. His keen view of the internet's potential back before anyone had even heard of the internet helped propel him to his meteoric rise through the organization to where he now sits as Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group.

Rory writes a popular blog appropriately named "The Spectator" where he offers his thoughts on everything from the economics of Christmas gifts to improving public education to the proper mindset for drinking wine (read that one here).

In 2009, he delivered a classic talk entitled Life Lessons From an Ad Man that remains one of the more popular TED talks. Witness as he demonstrates the art of marketing to sell, satisfy, and solve a myriad of social problems  Take a moment to ponder the observations of this very perceptive and funny man. 


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