John Floto joins Evergreen Trading’ senior team

Another industry veteran joined our team recently, and he brings a wealth of experience, not just on the Corporate Trade side, but also on the client side.

John Floto has enjoyed a long career in Corporate Trade, having done transactions involving almost every imaginable corporate asset and need. Astute not just in Corporate Trade, but in the workings of some of the world's largest corporations, John was introduced to Corporate Trade in his senior advertising and marketing procurement position at PepsiCo.

Through the process of bring Corporate Trade into PepsiCo, John gained first-hand experience of how to implement ttrade in a large, multi-divisional corporation. Like most of John's Corporate Trade clients, he introduced the trading process across divisional (and political) lines, and into a complex organzation where marketing and advertising is its life blood.

John's PepsiCo trade experience combined with his subsequent work in the corporate trading industry gained him an unmatched familiarity with virtually every Corporate Trading firm. That invaluable experience provides him with great perspective and allows him to speak with clients and prospective clients as a colleague rather than simply as just another corporate trade salesperson.

Having just added baby Rylan to his family of (now) 5, this former Marine Corps officer is truly enjoying life as a father and new member of the Evergreen Trading family!

About Mike Lake

Mike is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Evergreen Trading. When not playing jazz trombone he is probably obsessing about writing content that will capture the attention and interest of business people and fellow learning junkies everywhere.

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