IT/Security self-funding through trade with Evergreen Trading

According to a study conducted by IBM, the average cost of a single successful cyberattack is $300,000. Considering that companies are attacked on average of 2 million times each week, it's no surprise that data security is one of today's hottest topics. But when it comes to funding the security of corporate data, surveys consistently find that spending on data security isn't keeping pace with the increasing threats.

According to George Teunissen, CEO of Critical Path Alliance Management, "While everyone recognizes that data integrity is critical to an organization, the results of that spending are not visible. It's not sexy, therefore, it remains a less popular budget item that is typically underfunded."

Evergreen Trading can fund the portion of your data security needs that lack the necessary budget and do so without an out-of-pocket cost. Through our placement of a portion of your planned and budgeted advertising, we create the funds for your data security needs.


IT Funding process

The IT funding process

  • A portion of the company's upcoming media to be placed by Evergreen Trading is identified by the company and its advertising agency. ($500,000 in the above illustration) Keep in mind that this advertising will be placed by the company  regardless.
  • Evergreen Trading, through its alliance with Horizon Media acquires this media through the traded media marketplace at a reduced cost. Its this reduction that provides the margin that generates the IT funds.
  • The media is placed just as it would have through the client's advertising agency (same costs and commercial terms) and the IT funds are given to the company. ($100,000 in the above illustration)

Marketing protections

  • All media is placed by New York's Horizon Media, a $4.5 billion award winning media buying agency.
  • All media is bought at net to allow for the full normal advertising agency commission.
  • Costs and commercial terms are provided to Evergreen Trading/Horizon Media by the agency. Contractual guarantee are provided that the media quality will be equal to that placed by the client and their agency.

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